Bespoke Tours

Bespoke Tours

The bespoke service means that you can go whenever you want (subject to Hugh's availability). Hugh can help out with the arranging and scheduling of your tour, and, if you would like something really different, you can brief Hugh to create a tour completely from scratch (see From Your Front Door below). Have a look at the tours on the right for some ideas.

Hugh's Military History Tours abroad are always constructed in consultation with the client in order to ensure the most suitable itinerary and schedule. Examples of typical tours are given in Napoleonic War Tours and 1st World War - Western Front Tours on the right.

Arranging And Scheduling

All of  Hugh's tours can be adapted to suit individual requirements to make for a special occasion. Hugh would be pleased to advise on any aspects of arranging a tour such as transportation, hotel accomodation, places to eat, and museum exhibitions (London always has something new, and many old favourites continually refresh their presentation with special exhibitions). Most clients prefer to arrange their own groups as private tours, but, if you wish, Hugh may be able to make up the numbers from clients who previously have registered an interest.

Many venues are able to offer "behind the scenes" visits and their own in-house lecture (perhaps by the curator). Hugh would be pleased to advise you on what can be achieved, and on the cost.

Inviting And Presenting

If you wish to issue formal invitations to your group, Hugh would be delighted to provide a brief written description of your tour as a "flyer" and a summary of the tour agenda that could be sent either by e-mail or as an enclosure to a covering letter.

Hugh is also able to provide an introductory talk  before the tour. This is very popular for the battlefield excursions and with student groups.

Please specify whether you require any additional material to illustrate your tour, or to provide a memento. Hugh can produce pamphlets that can be smartly bound and maps (these are essential for military tours). Upon request, you will be provided with a quote for any illustrative material.

Group Size

Group size is very flexible, particularly for the walking tours, although a maximum of 20 people is recommended in order to maintain the intimacy of the group. Please note that some museums and galleries do have size restrictions but Hugh will advise you whether these apply to your tour.

From Your Front Door

These tours are great fun and are suitable for family and business entertaining alike. The formula is that Hugh devises a walking tour in your neighbourhood to illuminate its past and present character, and you decide how long you wish to spend on the hoof! Hugh can give a short introductory talk beforehand. The route could either be a circuit returning you back to the starting line, or it could lead to another destination, maybe a restaurant or a museum. The walk is not one long lecture: there is plenty of time for the group to intermingle before,after, and as we go along! These work very well in the evening in the clement months.


All prices are by quotation.
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